The Office of the Clerk

Overview - The Volusia County Clerk of the Circuit Court

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is an elected Constitutional Officer whose authority and responsibilities are set forth in the Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes. The Clerk records and maintains the Official Records of Volusia County and serves both the County and Circuit Courts and as the custodian of the official court records.

The Clerk has many duties and responsibilities, including recording property transactions, attending and supporting all court proceedings, maintaining official court records and providing access to those records as permitted by law, assisting victims of domestic abuse, processing child support payments, collecting court fees and fines, administering court-ordered sales, and processing marriage and passport applications. These responsibilities require the Clerk's Office to efficiently handle and manage not only millions of public records, but also millions of dollars of public money. Money generated by these and other activities is deposited in the Clerk's Office and distributed to the appropriate recipients pursuant to statutory law or court order.

About the Clerk

Laura E. Roth

Laura Roth earned her bachelor’s degree from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, and her law degree from the University of Arizona, graduating magna cum laude. Laura was hired by former Clerk, Diane Matousek, as the Volusia County Clerk's office first in-house legal counsel in 2004. In 2011, Diane named Laura her first ever Chief Deputy Clerk, or lead administrator, in addition to her role as legal advisor. Laura is especially honored to have played an active role for over ten years in the development of history-making advances in court processes and public records access. Upon the announcement of Diane's intention to retire in 2017, Laura successfully ran for the office with Diane's blessing and support. As Clerk, Laura is committed to pursuing unsurpassed process efficiencies, technology innovations, and customer service improvements at the Clerk's office.

Office Organizational Chart

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is to make accurate information accessible to all. We strive to exemplify our motto, "Setting the Standard for Public Service," by our whole-hearted dedication to professionalism in serving the public, the judiciary, and our agency partners.


Technology plays a significant role in the Clerk's Office ability to provide timely and efficient access to public records. As the judicial system continues to respond to an increasing workload, the evolution to a paperless environment becomes increasingly important in efficiently processing the vast number of documents and records that must be maintained by the Clerk's office.

As part of our office's dedication to deliver excellent customer service, we provide access over the Internet to as many of the public records as allowed by rule and law. Online access is available to individuals, law firms, title companies, and businesses interested in viewing official records or case information from the convenience of their home or office.

As a result of our constant pursuit of excellence, our technology team was awarded the 2015 Best of NIEM for our effort to standardize and centralize crucial court data and case files across Florida.

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