Circuit Civil

Circuit Civil are actions with a value greater than $15,000. Each case is brought by an individual or business, against another person or business.

Common types of cases handled by Circuit Civil are Foreclosures, Other Real Property Actions, Medical/Professional Malpractice, Auto Negligence, Contract and Indebtedness, Eminent Domain and other assorted cases.

Attention Attorneys or Pro Se Filers

Proposed Orders shall be submitted by mail or in person with copies and addressed envelopes with sufficient postage for mailing to parties. The ONLY EXCEPTION is Orders Appointing Process Server which may be submitted via the eportal.

Summons cost $10.00 per summons to issue. Requests and payment may be submitted via the eportal, mail or in person but will not issue without payment. Requests submitted by mail or in person must be received with a return envelope that is properly addressed with adequate postage. All summons requests received through the eportal will be mailed to the filer unless other instructions are provided.